Why we believe in a world where we will be sick no more

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While it’s been said that the 2020/21 Corona pandemic has propelled us 5 years forward in the adoption of digital in 8 weeks, or “decade in a few weeks”, real transformation will not come from the mere introduction of new (digital) technologies.

It will come from tech-enabled human empathy and creativity transforming the current model where one makes money from (chemical & biological) drugs aiming to treat disease, into a stronger model where one will make more money by anticipating disease and keeping a larger population healthy. It will come when re-active sickcare switches to pro-active healthcare & personalised wellness, the true pinnacle of Value-Based Care.

Based on real-world data you’ve never been able to collect or never considered of value. Or which you didn’t trust. Based on insights from emerging digital health tools that are able to capture such data for the first time ever. Data collected from and by the newest wearables, dermals, implantables, insideables, and ambient sensors, by digital mobile health tools, from mining health records, genomic and other omics data, and behavioural insights.

You can already get a sense of this future by exploring the implications of today’s state of the art digital care programs and Digital Therapeutics (your smartphone to educate, monitor, diagnose, manage and treat) and apply it your current drug pipelines (the beyond-the-pill thing). Consider how such technologies can allow you to reinvent your clinical trial design in order to obtain unique selling points for emerging drugs. Ways to really move into Personalised Medicine and get financially rewarded therefore.

Next, these tools will enable the actual prediction and prevention of disease and the creation of personalised health. To be Sick No More.

The average chronic patient, your patient, is currently 8.755 hours a year by him- or herself, not connected to the healthcare system. That is the main reason why your patient cannot be served with truly personalised or predictive care. And that is an enormous amount of time to provide the patient with something he or she did not even expect to receive from you in the first place. With remote, decentralised care. In a ‘product’ or ‘service’ called healthcare delight.

How does this apply to you and your offering?

We will first introduce Delight Thinking to answer that question. To show you how you can offer much more to your customer than you currently do. To reduce frictions in patient’s daily lives. To build a world where you are able to offer truly personalised products, services and experiences (take that as a novel USP).

We believe in personalised prevention and wellness, enabled and empowered by a new kind of guardian angel: a digital companion that automatically crunches vast amounts of biological, behavioural and environmental data to spot and predict personalised health risks, before they cause real harm.

In the future, digital companions will power digital twins, that automatically simulate or test changes or interventions in people’s lifestyle or environment before they are actually executed.  This will enable the testing of novel drug candidates – using real world and synthetic data – before they are even synthesised. A kind of completely virtual clinical trial.

Imagine the power this would provide in detecting disease in time, in proactively pursuing health and wellbeing. To change patient journeys forever.

We will illustrate the implications of all this to your specific therapeutic domains and pipelines. 

At a minimum, we will introduce new ways of thinking. To anticipate. To enchant. How you can co-create with your end-users, now often neglected patients. Reducing frictions in their lives. And in your organisation. We will leave you with actionable ideas for your marketing, medical affairs & market access teams, actually for any team in the organisation, and delightful ways to start executing beyond the pill. We look forward to help you create true patient delight!

If you’d like to know more about our Delight Thinking, check out our book ‘Your Guide to Delight’!

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