Preparing CAR-T therapy market access with J&J

Preparing CAR-T therapy market access

In this project for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for the global launch readiness team preparing CAR-T therapy market access.

 CAR-T is a novel type of treatment in which a patient’s T immune cells are changed in the laboratory so they will attack cancer cells. T cells are taken from a patient’s blood. Then the gene for a special receptor that binds to a certain protein on the patient’s cancer cells is added to the T cells in the laboratory. The special receptor is called a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). Large numbers of the CAR-T cells are grown in the laboratory and given to the patient by infusion. This comes with a number of supply chain challenges. 

Applying our Delight Thinking methodology to the entire product & patient journey, we:              

  • painted the art of the possible (with respect to mindset, infrastructure, …)
  • introduced a can-do mentality based on rethinking common assumptions, including inspiration from other industries (“this is how Disney, Amazon, … would have solved this”)
  • provided fresh inside in who the patient / end-user really is
  • showed how 3rd parties, beyond the  paying customer, could impact access to market for the better – and how to let them shine (e.g. supply chain, hospital)

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