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Creating a beacon of health in the Antwerp hospital of the future

Very honored, Healthskouts has been given the mandate to design and create an entire health floor in rising ZNA Cadix, the novel hospital landmark by ZNA - Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen to open late 2022. Rethinking the function of a ‘home for the sick’ into a beacon of health is one of our most rewarding assignments so far.
We aim to create a unique, holistic health experience and ecosystem involving digitalhealth education and design facilities, ambitious retail companies empowering citizens to deal with their health covering food/nutrition, exercise, mindfullness & mental health, social determinants; with a cooking island to teach citizens healthy lifestyle habits by expert cooks, with a makerlab to turn hospital needs into solutions; with a man's cave,...
Helping Stad Antwerpen citizens to deal with their health covers our ambition of creating health by delight. While we target summer of 2022 for pre-opening, if you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to reach out already to check how you would fit in as of mid 2021.

#HospitalOfTheFuture #patientexperience #Prevention

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