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Microneedle patches deliver pain-free flu vaccine

04 July 2017

For disease prevention soap has been the biggest invention ever. Soap defeated bacterial infections big time. Thanks to it, life expectancy doubled in the past 150 years.

The introduction of vaccination campaigns has had a quite similar impact. Getting an injection however is on the bottom of everybody’s list of favourite things. But now a more bearable alternative is another step closer to reality. In human clinical trials, painless microneedle patches have been found to be just as effective at delivering flu vaccines, and are easier to administer, transport, store and dispose of than regular needles.

Researchers from the Emory University School of Medicine and Georgia Institute of Technology tested their specially designed patches in a small human trial, using them to administer flu vaccine to randomly selected participants. Results published in the Lancet show the approach to be just as effective as a regular shot, and 96 percent of people also found it to be painless. Larger trials are still required before it’s properly put to use in clinics.

Read more about it at New Atlas

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