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Personalised medicine and healthcare for an immediate future

20 November 2017

Please find attached the recently completed framework document from the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, entitled ‘From here to 2025’ which sets out a vision for personalised healthcare in the next few years.

It is timed to coincide with the Alliance’s first Congress, which takes place in Belfast over four days from 27 November - less than 10 days away, now. Among other topics, the framework booklet sets out how EAPM is supporting the goal of bringing innovation into healthcare systems at the regional, national and EU levels. It is doing this from a multidisciplinary citizen/patients-based approach, while working closely with the European Union institutions and Europe-wide/Member State regulators. The framework document notes that a massive improvement in the health of Europe’s citizens is theoretically within reach.

I am very honoured I will take the stage to even expand on this document, and paint a picture of a future where we get sick no more.

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