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Will my insurance company start developing medication?

06 July 2017

Insurtech soon might comprise clinical trials and therapeutic development as well.

An insurer paying me for daily exercise? Check.
An insurer teaming up with genomics power play to screen for disease predisposition? Check.
A breast cancer insurance app. Check.
An insurer helping me via a mobile health tool getting pregnant? And brushing my teeth properly? Check.

But an insurer developing (digital) therapeutics?
Based on an interview with US based Clover Health, why not?
A health insurer which sees itself as a consumer services company, collecting one of the most longitudinal datasets in healthcare, combining the company’s longitudinal genotype/phenotype datasets of people with chronic disease.
Even if they won’t get that far yet, it would change how clinical trials (recruitment) are being performed.
This is one of the many cross sector opportunities we will soon start to unravel with HealthSkouts. Combining data from one silo, with a business model from another. Stay tuned.

See CB Insights on Clover

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