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Healthskouts HOSPITALS

Healthskouts HOSPITAL is a continuous analysis of the latest technologies, working methods and business models of the hospital of the future, and how these can be applied today in your own environment.

For our clients we bring the essential information, insights, inspiration and connections needed to take a leadership role in bringing delight in the patient journey, while building an integrated and value-driven care model.

Our research focus

We are investigating opportunities for building the hospital of the future by focusing on three key topics, which currently concern almost all top hospitals we work with. We address these topics by means of scouting & analysis, literature screening, interviews with top experts and market leaders worldwide, all enriched with a creative ideation process.

  • Eliminating waiting times and integrating them in the care process (e.g. anamnesis)
  • Improving quality care experiences through patient engagement platforms and attractive care experience zones
  • Clinical Decision Support and better support of care pathways
  • Population Health Management with AI
  • Improving customer retention and care experiences through less intrusive & groundbreaking medical devices
  • Tools to increase caregiver satisfaction
  • Trends & use cases of telemonitoring and Digital Therapeutics in different therapeutic domains, to optimise outcomes and care experience
  • Implementation of a telemonitoring setup and coaching center
  • Training center where people learn to deal with the burdens of chronic conditions
  • Innovative implementation of pharmacy: education adherence and medication evaluation
  • Better monitoring of patients by strengthening integration with primary care
  • Connection with the community (neighborhood and regional level)
  • Strengthen integration with primary care to, for example, identify patients more quickly and guide them into the correct diagnosis path
  • Innovative design of ambulatory center or outpatient clinic – with primary care connections
  • Screening center to, for example, address lifestyle factors and identify high-risk patients.
  • Design of a diagnostic and omics center -> faster diagnosis of e.g. metabolic abnormalities, precision medicine in oncology and underlying causes in cardiology
  • Training center for primary prevention and patient empowerment


We regularly write about the new innovations we discover and the hospital-related insights we come up with through our analytical and creative work. You can find our posts here or subscribe to our newsletter (using the form in the footer below). 

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delight thinking

Delighting Patients in Day Surgery

Day Surgery is rapidly becoming the default pathway for elective surgery, but in the pursuit of hyper efficiency it is crucial that hospitals keep the patient journey central to the structuring of their operations.

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HOSPITAL Solutions Library

In the gallery below you can browse a small selection of our curated database of innovative hospital solutions. Note that we have more detailed data available about these products and also have databases of other product categories in the wider digital health field.