Gain a unique perspective on the future of health, digital twins and patient Delight with Koen Kas

Unique opportunity for leaders in Boston’s biohealth cluster to meet Professor Koen Kas, Europe’s top health futurist, keynote speaker & thought leader on digital health, genomics and patient delight.  

Two lunchtime sessions only, each limited to 30 participants. 

8 & 9 November 2022, Boston

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Keynote Presentation, Q&A and Discussion

In this lunchtime session, Koen will show how biological & digital breakthroughs are moving us  away from current curative healthcare to precise, preventive and even augmented healthcare. He will present a radical vision for accelerating and digitizing drug discovery, from bench to bedside.  He will show how close we are to being accompanied by our personal digital twin, helping us take effective shortcuts to the right diagnosis and treatment and make the entire experience delightful, almost magical. You will learn about the first clinical practice in the Metaverse, how Belgium is making the shift to a citizen-centric health data platform, how patients can put their genomic data to work, and how nations are learning that they can make more money by keeping their populations healthy.  

Following the keynote, Koen will answer questions from the audience and facilitate a super insightful discussion among the participants. The audience is purposely limited to 30 participants, to ensure open and lively discussion. 

What our clients say

Who is Koen Kas?

Healthskouts CEO, Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist driven by the aim to make healthcare delightful, personalised, and ultimately preventive. He published his inspiring vision in 2 books. ‘Sick no more’ describes how we will transition from reactive sickcare to pro-active healthcare using digital health tools, data science and omics insights, together with new design ideas. ‘Your guide to Delight’ is a roadmap towards creating health, dealing with change, introducing our personal Digital Twin as our permanent doctor keeping us healthy. With Healthskouts, he inspires any healthcare stakeholder to Delight customer through a unique Delight Thinking methodology and discover new ways to compete in the scope of personalised, predictive and preventive health. He has over 400 international keynotes under his belt, including for many Fortune 500 companies.

Koen is a guest professor at Ghent University in Belgium. He is Chairman of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation; Co-chair of the Digital Twin Consortium healthcare workgroup; Advisor of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance; Ambassador of Health House and VITO’s We Are project (citizen-centric health data platform on SOLID); Jury of the Prix Galien; and sits on the advisory board of 5 emerging (digital) healthcare companies and 2 investors/startup accelerators. 

Koen was CSO Oncology at Thrombogenics (now Oxurion), where he spun out Oncurious and developed a novel drug for pediatric brain cancer. Before this, he was founder and CSO of Pronota, building a protein biomarker discovery platform and pipeline of four diagnostic programs. Prior to that, he was the director of drug discovery at Galapagos. Previously he set up and directed the cancer drug discovery program at Tibotec (now Johnson & Johnson). He started his career elucidating the molecular basis of two types of cancers.

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

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Agenda, Dates & Location

8 November 2022

11:30 Welcome

12:00 Keynote & Lunch

13:00 Q&A and discussion

14:00 Close, with optional continued discussion until 15:00

Location: Boston, Hotel TBD

Price: $550

9 November 2022

11:30 Welcome

12:00 Keynote & Lunch

13:00 Q&A and discussion

14:00 Close, with optional continued discussion until 15:00

Location: Boston, Hotel TBD

Price: $550

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Why Delight is the Key to the Future of Health – and your Future

The twin digital and biological revolutions are leading us to a future where the ultimate friction in the patient journey – sickness itself – will be prevented or eradicated. Technological and scientific breakthroughs will not be enough, however, to unlock this future. In our view, the essential – and today often overlooked – ingredient is patient and citizen delight.

Delight is the experience that comes closest to art and magic. It is a healthcare experience that at times is comforting and relieving, other times inspiring and energising. It is often positively surprising, and always feels remarkable for its timely relevance. And even when fully digital, it is always expressive of human ingenuity, passion and empathy. It is the essential ingredient that keeps us, as patients, committed and engaged to our pursuit of health.

That is why delight is also the key to your future as a healthcare company, the secret sauce that will keep you and your company relevant and competitive. It is why every healthcare company needs a Chief Delight Officer, and why the mission to create patient delight should be written in the DNA of every employee.

We're so passionate about bringing delight in healthcare that we wrote the book on it.

This book is about delight. It introduces the power of delight to create a novel future, not just predict it. It provides a framework and a fireworks of examples of delight thinking in healthcare and beyond. It shows how this allows the creation of a new reality, a world where one gets sick no more.

Koen Kas’ book “Your Guide to Delight” can be purchased online here.