Digital Innovation in Clinical Trials

Online, 5 Lunchtime Sessions in September 2023

Join us in an in-depth exploration of digital innovation in clinical trials. In five super inspiring sessions we will get to grips with the latest technologies and innovative applications across the entire clinical trial life cycle and value chain. Together we will carve a path forward for life sciences companies, CROs and providers, identifying opportunities for advancing science and delighting both our patients and investigators, starting today and with a clear eye to the future.

12:00-14:00 CET on:

Tue 5/09 – Wed 6/9 – Tue 12/9 – Wed 13/9 – Thu 14/09


Prof Dr Koen Kas

Delight thinking lifesciences healthcare consultancy koen kas

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist, professor of Molecular Oncology & Digital Health, and leading international keynote speaker addressing healthcare innovation, digital health and patient delight.

He published his vision in two books: ‘Sick No More’ describes how we will transition from reactive sick care to predictive, proactive and personalised healthcare. ‘Your Guide To Delight’ is a roadmap towards that future, introducing our personal digital twin that will keep you, and your company, relevant and “young”.

As founding CEO of Healthskouts, a digital health advisory company, Koen works with global pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, hospitals and governments to help them see the digital health landscape with greater clarity, to sharpen strategy and bring delightful products and services to market faster. Healthskouts also curates one of the world’s leading databases of certified digital health solutions.

Koen is guest professor at Ghent University in Belgium. He is Chairman of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation; Co-chair of the Digital Twin Consortium healthcare workgroup; Advisor of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance; Ambassador of Health House and VITO’s We Are project on decentralized health data (using Solid); Jury of the Prix Galien; and sits on the advisory board of 5 emerging (digital) healthcare companies and two startup accelerators.

Earlier, Koen was CSO Oncology at Oxurion, where he developed a novel drug for pediatric brain cancer. Before this, he was founder and CSO of Pronota, building a protein biomarker discovery platform and pipeline of four diagnostic programs. Prior to that, he was the director of drug discovery at Galapagos. Previously he set up and directed the cancer drug discovery program at Tibotec (now Johnson & Johnson). He started his career elucidating the molecular basis of two types of cancers.

Frank Boermeester

Frank Boermeester is an interdisciplinary analyst and facilitator focused on digital health, digital therapeutics and behavioural health. Frank combines advanced skills in research, human centred design and innovation processes. Frank drives our advisory work for customers, supporting strategy/innovation, clinical and product teams with pressing research, analytical and facilitation tasks. Frank has notable expertise in:

Digital health & digital therapeutics in multiple therapeutic domains incl. mental health, diabetes, oncology, immunology, dermatology, cardiology, musculoskeletal.

Clinical development & scientific research

Product/strategy/innovation research & facilitation

Frank has a top notch academic record: MA Research Psychology & MBA both with Distinction. 

Session #1



Introduction to the Program

Toward sustainable patient-centered precision trials
Master Protocols
Adaptive trials
N-of-1 trials
Real World Data
Decentralized Trials

Session #2


Optimizing eligibility
Identifying sites
Automated screening
Digital recruiting
Targeting underrepresented groups
Non-healthcare partners
Consent & onboarding
Engaging clinicians
Engaging patients & building trust

Session #3

Data & Evidence

Expanding Scope of Digital Data
The case of Alzheimer’s Disease
Development & Evaluation of Digital Biomarkers and Digital Endpoints
Digital Measures that Matter
Digital Pathology
Medical Imaging and AI
Toward Scalable Data Infrastructure

Session #4


Why digital innovation is necessary
Access, onboarding & consent
Engagement & safety monitoring
Adherence & smart dosing
Data integrity, security and privacy
Operations / Management Platform

Session #5


Disclosure & Registration
Reporting Standards
Data Sharing
Dissemination for Clinical Impact
Reporting to Participants
Community Engagement
Engaging Regulators
Engaging Payers

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