Healthskouts Services

tech and vendor Scouting, ideation & inspiration, research and strategic projects

Strategic Projects

In our larger projects we address our customer’s strategic challenges, such as extending your portfolio with health services, identifying and diagnosing patients earlier, accelerating drug development,  optimizing outcomes and bringing delight in the patient journey.  

We rely on scouting & analysis, scientific literature screening, expert interviews and top it off with a creative ideation process. We look beyond current best practices and paint a detailed landscape of what your business or care model could and should be like in the near and mid-term future. 

Moreover, we provide you with a clear transformation roadmap and vendor selection toolkit so that you can start building that future today, leveraging emergent but validated technologies and business models.

Ideation & Inspiration

We often work with our customers to ideate new products, services & care models and how to bring delight not only to patients but to the entire ecosystem.  

We rely on proven creative thinking and brainstorming techniques, enriched with our secret topping: our Delight Thinking methodology.

Our CEO Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is also a well known keynote speaker and inspires industries to develop digital health strategies. 

ideation inspiration strategic projects digital health consultancy
Scouting, ideation & inspiration, research and strategic projects consultancy

Tech & Vendor scouting

We scout for new technologies and companies that can be key to solving your challenges. Our curation methodology helps you make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

Furthermore, we can connect you to potential new partners – including non-obvious partners outside of healthcare – either directly or through focused events.