On the future of cancer care, from drug discovery to prevention, and how to make it delightful

cancer drug discovery prevention

Healthskouts’ dream is to create a world where people get sick no more. The biggest friction in healthcare, getting sick, resolved. On our way we’ll first improve the cancer drug discovery and clinical trial process. Unique personalised drugs for any individual. Why not? We bring the patient from the hospital to the home. Diagnose much faster, or better predict before disease strikes using digital biomarkers, collecting RWD and social health determinants remotely. See digital twins appear. Meanwhile we provide the cancer patient the best possible, delightful care, physically, mentally & beyond. We believe any company on the planet will one way get involved. Sick no more. Healthcare delight. En avance … with cancer as our first target.

Cancer drug discovery shortened

How quantum computing companies promises to speed up the drug discovery process

Maybe first things first. Here is a short intro video to Quantum computing for beginners. So what is happening in life sciences space yet? This week we introduce you to Kuano. As an AI/Biotech hybrid, Kuano is using a novel approach to generate better enzyme inhibitors. Their uniquely positioned, proprietary, discovery platform addresses key liabilities such as specificity, potency, and resistance. With 45% of cancer drugs being enzymes … the space to improve is vast.

Kuano – A new breed of quantum computing startups enters drug discovery

Novel tech – decentralised & other clinical trials

3 AI-companies radically speeding up clinical trials

Our scouting team meticulously looks for new ways to improve, rethink the classical clinical trial process. Here we present 3 companies, applying AI thereto.

Improving Clinical Trial participant prescreening with AI 

Delays in clinical trial enrollment and difficulties enrolling representative samples continue to vex sponsors, sites, and patient populations. Here is a study using an artificial intelligence-powered technology, Mendel.ai, as a means of overcoming bottlenecks and potential biases associated with standard patient prescreening processes in an oncology setting.

Using AI to safely add people with red flags to clinical trials

A team of researchers from Stanford University working with biotechnology corporation Genentech, has developed an artificial-intelligence based system that can safely add clinical trial participants that may have previously been excluded. They’ve published their findings in Nature.

Decentralised clinical trials

Current Health‘s platform is FDA-cleared and used at scale in phase III and phase IV drug trials by major pharmaceutical organizations for remote endpoint collection and for virtual trial delivery. They’ve just announced their remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform will be implemented in the Mount Sinai Health System to help manage care for cancer patients for the first time.

Current Health, from our ‘Reinventing the clinical trial’ database

These are just a few examples of novel solutions we scout and evaluate on a daily basis. If you would have a specific request, we welcome your inquiry.

Novel biology & digital biomarkers, RWD

Launching Molecular Twins today, 1 day, Tempus might become your biggest competitor

Not a famous household name yet. It will soon be. Here is Tempus, the frontrunner of a new breed of Precision medicine companies. The Chicago-based startup is the largest clinical and molecular data library in the world. With its operating system, Tempus avails data collected from previous patients to doctors and researchers to help them identify and reveal disease patterns and their treatments.

Therefore with this data, doctors can customize cancer treatment for the current patients.  Cedars-Sinai Cancer and Tempus, have now started to design personalized cancer treatment options by creating virtual replicas of patients’ DNA, RNA, protein and other information to help identify the most effective approach to each individual’s disease.

By creating these “molecular twins,” scientists can genetically classify cancer genes and proteins of particular tumors obtained from thousands of Cedars-Sinai cancer patients to build a database that will be mined by investigators, including those outside Cedars-Sinai. The Molecular Twin initiative also will advance cancer care and research in underserved populations and enable investigators to analyze how ethnic and racial disparities affect tumor biology and treatment among diverse populations.

The Molecular Twin database will integrate and store “de-identified” clinical and molecular patient information to ensure that patients and their physicians have access to individualized cancer care strategies, risk assessments, treatments and novel clinical trials. This patient information—stripped of personal details—also will be available to researchers to offer insight into why some patients are resistant to certain therapies and provide data for potential cancer discoveries, including new treatments. More here.

Tempus, a precison medicine star

Onto faster diagnosis, prediction, prevention

Software as a Medical device: here is the 25th application in oncology

Since the launch of IDx the first AI algorithm to perform eye diagnosis without a doctor, close to 200 so called Software as a Medical Device solutions have been certified. This month we have added the 25th solution to our database. On August 24th 2021, Ibex Medical Analytics announced that they’ve developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) designed to detect gastric cancer. IBIX is the 195th addition to our unique database of Software as a medical device applications. If you have a question on this topic, we’re happy to assist.

A snapshot of our Software-as-a-Medical Device database

A great way early cancer screening can be organised in a delightful fashion

Onr of the Man Cave Health designs

A men’s room in the hospital. Combining educational resources, emotional support and the latest in medical technology, Man Cave Health provides a unique patient care model that’s needed now more than ever.  Man Cave Health is creating sports-themed facilities where men can feel at ease, complete with a team of friends, medical professionals, educators and advocates ready to help them take control of their healthcare journey. We are making it more comfortable for men to go to the doctor by replacing the traditional, clinical setting with a more masculine décor which includes memorabilia from local sports teams, flat-screened televisions, leather seating and coffee bars.

Delight Inspiration cancer patient care

A novel white glove (butler) service making chemotherapy easier to bear 
Sending your patient home, no longer with only a cancer drug, but with an App as well. One which helps the patient deal with fatigue. Here is one doing the job in a delightful fashion. Kudos to Untire for it’s marvellous job.

Untire is part of our most comprehensive catalog of cancer Apps. If you question how mobile health solutions could benefit your business, we’re obviously happy to help.

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