Health Innovation & Delight Thinking Ideation, Workshops & Sprints

"First we energise your team with an ultra-inspiring keynote, then we unleash the magic with a Delight Thinking creative process" - Prof Dr Koen Kas

Koen Kas, Frank Boermeester and the Healthskouts team have developed a unique Delight Thinking methodology and workshop design that can take your team all the way from ‘white page’ ideation to the development of tactical roadmaps for bringing extreme Delight to your customers and stakeholders.

We can tailor the workshop format to the needs of your team and kick off the workshop with an inspiring presentation to feed preliminary ideas and insights into the creative session.

A Selection of Workshop Topics

The interplay of novel devices, sensors and especially AR and VR will open up new, as of yet unimagined horizons. Targeted doses of VR-based experiences? Virtual wellness and nutrition coaching? Treating ADHD with a computer game? Ultra-personalised health services in a meta-mall? In this workshop we explore and co-create your health services in tomorrow’s metaverse.

Bringing the engine of innovation and delight inside the walls of the hospital, while at the same time bringing the hospital to the homes of patients.  And doing this all pragmatically, cost-effectively, and with a wave of staff enthusiasm and support.

Inspiring health policymakers to create a nation where people live healthy productive lives well beyond their 90s. We’ll depart from 1st principles to reinvent policy for impact. 

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Integrating cutting edge digital & bio innovations to provide the cancer patient with the best possible, delightful care, physically, mentally & beyond.

Approach: Inspiration + Delight Thinking

Our workshops are designed to deliver unique, innovative & actionable solutions to any health challenge. Solutions that are grounded in your team’s knowledge and working reality, but that also tap into the most cutting edge technology and innovation out there.  As health innovators, we have thought hard in recent years about how we can combine ultra-inspirational content with the best creative thinking techniques.  The result is our Delight Thinking workshop method, where in just one day, we bring your team from a white page to a set of highly ambitious but actionable solutions.  

It starts with the participants: we involve 6 to 20 of your colleagues and stakeholders – people who have relevant expertise and the remit to take ideas further beyond the workshop.  

The workshop itself is split into two parts. First, Koen Kas delivers an energising presentation focused squarely on the workshop topic: think innovative cases, best practices, trends, technological evolutions and digital solutions. A super inspirational outline of what is possible, today and tomorrow. We also tap into our world-leading library of digital solutions and best practices. 

In the second part of the workshop, we facilitate a highly structured group process to tap into the collective knowledge and creative potential of all the participants.  The workshop’s “Delight Thinking” methodology is based on scientifically validated creative thinking methods.  In this way, we conclude the workshop with a number of very concrete action points.  Equally important is the strong commitment and ‘sense of ownership’ that is created through the workshop dynamics.  This ensures that the workshop results do not gather dust, but become the launchpad for new initiatives that you can start working on immediately after the workshop. 

We look forward to working with you!

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Your workshop facilitators

Prof Dr Koen Kas (right), author of ‘Sick No More’, ‘Your Guide to Delight’ and world-renowned keynote speaker in health innovation and digital health, is your inspirer and energizer. Koen opens a window to a world of opportunity and possibility.

Frank Boermeester (center) is your facilitator and workshop designer. Frank designs fully tailored workshop formats that will lift your team’s creativity and productivity to unseen heights.  Frank has a psychology background with an MBA and years of experience in guiding innovation projects and facilitating creative group processes.

Mieke Donders (left) is fellow facilitator and health innovation expert with a sharp and pragmatic focus on getting actionable results.  Like no other, Mieke takes you from vision to  practice.

Together, Koen Kas, Mieke Donders and Frank Boermeester bring the ideal mix of inspiration, digital health knowledge and process guidance to help your team shape the ultimate solutions to your health challenges.

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