Innovation and Strategy Workshops

Expert facilitation to accelerate innovation and strategic decision making

The Healthskouts team has decades of experience designing creative workshops, strategy sessions, hackathons and design sprints, to help you sharpen your digital health strategy, design new products and services, and make decisions better and faster.

"First we energise your team with an ultra-inspiring keynote, then we unleash the magic with a Delight Thinking creative process" - Prof Dr Koen Kas

Koen Kas, Frank Boermeester and the Healthskouts team have developed a unique Delight Thinking methodology and workshop design that can take your team all the way from ‘white page’ ideation to the development of tactical roadmaps for bringing extreme delight to your customers and stakeholders.

We can tailor the workshop format to the needs of your team and kick off the workshop with an inspiring presentation to feed preliminary ideas and insights into the creative session.


See how we have helped clients:


Your workshop facilitators

Prof Dr Koen Kas (right), author of ‘Sick No More’, ‘Your Guide to Delight’ and world-renowned keynote speaker in health innovation and digital health, is your inspirer and energizer. Koen opens a window to a world of opportunity and possibility.

Frank Boermeester (center) is your facilitator and workshop designer. Frank designs fully tailored workshop formats that will lift your team’s creativity and productivity to unseen heights.  Frank has a psychology background with an MBA and years of experience in guiding innovation projects and facilitating creative group processes.

Mieke Donders (left) is fellow facilitator and health innovation expert with a sharp and pragmatic focus on getting actionable results.  Like no other, Mieke takes you from vision to  practice.

Together, Koen Kas, Mieke Donders and Frank Boermeester bring the ideal mix of inspiration, digital health knowledge and process guidance to help your team shape the ultimate solutions to your health challenges.


Working with leaders in health and life sciences

We work with large enterprises in the wider healthcare domain, including nearly all the global pharmaceutical companies, medical device and medtech companies, hospitals, government, insurance. We also work with large technology companies and major food & beverage brands.

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

What our clients say

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