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Activate your audiences with inspirational content

We are experts in creating super inspirational content that engages and stimulates professional audiences. Always tailored to your needs, we research, produce and deliver content in multiple formats – from keynote presentations and video content to demos and exhibits. We get your message and strategy across in the most engaging manner, tailored to clinicians, patients or corporate audiences.

How we work with you

Ideation kickstarters

We often create inspiring and well researched presentations to feed preliminary ideas and insights into creative brainstorm sessions, workshops or hackathons (which we can also facilitate if required).

Inspirational & educational video content

From a TED-style 20-minute talk to a Masterclass-style educational series, we research, create and produce video-based content to engage and educate all types of audiences, including clinicians, patients and colleagues.

Demonstrations and exhibits

We create exhibits and demonstrations in the real world and the Metaverse (e.g. Healthskouts education center) to inspire or educate audiences. We also advise permanent exhibits and experience centres such as Health House in Belgium.

Keynote speaking

Healthskouts CEO Koen Kas is an internationally respected keynote speaker, bringing probably the most inspiring keynotes on the future of healthcare, the latest in digital health & genomics, and white page innovation by Delight Thinking. Koen is frequently asked as keynote speaker at international conferences and symposiums organised by industry associations, professional bodies and large corporations.

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About Koen Kas

Most of our content is delivered personally by Healthskouts CEO, Koen Kas. Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist, professor of molecular oncology & digital health, author, and a renowned international keynote speaker. He is revolutionising healthcare by helping leaders prepare their organisations for future realities. 

Author of two books on the future of health, including the latest “Your Guide to Delight”, Koen weaves science, technology & business model innovation into inspiring ideas for creating novel and delightful health experiences. His talks are visual game changers. Using a firehose of examples and perspective shifting insights he sends you home with a kit of actionable ideas and tools to create Delight for your customers and stakeholders.

Koen’s presentations can address any of the topics outlined here and with the Healthskouts team he can also create an entirely customised keynote presentation addressing your topic of choice.


Working with leaders in health and life sciences

We work with large enterprises in the wider healthcare domain, including nearly all the global pharmaceutical companies, medical device and medtech companies, hospitals, government, insurance. We also work with large technology companies and major food & beverage brands.

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

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What our clients say

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