RESEARCh & Scouting

Deep dives that cut through the noise, fast.

Equally at home in the worlds of business & market research, technology scouting and biomedical science – and with over a decade of deep engagement in the digital health field – we have the capability to deliver insightful and actionable answers to your strategic questions fast. We also support our clients’ own research and study activities.

Research capabilities

Tech scouting

Identifying emergent technologies, products and companies relevant to your business or therapeutic domain, from sensors and digital biomarkers to AI and Digital Therapeutics.

Scientific screening & analysis

Researching therapeutic domains and spotting therapeutic mechanisms ripe for digital translation. Reviewing literature and clinical trials. Advising on study design and controls, and supporting research tasks.

Market & competitor analysis

Describing and analysing the competitor landscape and wider ecosystem. Analysing competitor dynamics, value chains and drivers of success and failure. Also at a national level to drive policy.

User & stakeholder research

Understanding your customers, patients and stakeholders through interviewing, (virtual) focus groups, designing surveys, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Content marketing

Researching and creating engaging content such as articles, white papers and keynote presentations.

Design research

Product feature and UX research, facilitating design sprints (virtual) and ideation, paper prototyping and user testing.


See how we have helped clients:


Working with leaders in health and life sciences

We work with large enterprises in the wider healthcare domain, including nearly all the global pharmaceutical companies, medical device and medtech companies, hospitals, government, insurance. We also work with large technology companies and major food & beverage brands.

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

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