The future is now: from inspiration to implementation

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You don’t want to be just a healthy company, organization or school; you want to be a fun and delightful one! One where everyone feels good, can be themselves, and is encouraged to become the best version of themselves. One way to achieve this is by focusing on the health of your employees, volunteers or students.

How can you do that? A quick assessment is crucial. What are you already doing well? Are you promoting remote work? Do you provide fruit baskets on Mondays? Do you have team-building days? If you’re already doing some of these, great! You can build on them. We’re particularly interested in sustainable actions, but that doesn’t exclude some awesome, delightful health supporting systems, actions or tools. Creating support is vital and often overlooked. Employees or students need to see that the ones that care for them fully support a healthy work/study environment and lifestyle. This can be done by setting a good example and through targeted actions to create support. Intranet messages, fun initiatives, reminders, and of course, a unique out-of-the-box kickoff event are all part of it.

If you’re not yet focused on health, or if you’re just getting started, we can help you develop your vision and mission. Why are you motivated to invest in health? How do you envision it? We’ll work together to identify all the bases you need to cover (not all at once, of course) and which quick wins we can implement while planning for a sustainable, long-term approach that fits your financial possibilities.



  • Quick Advice
  • Inspirational Keynotes
  • Workshop Moderation
  • Sustainable Customized Trajectories
  • Organization of Healthy, Delightful Experiences
  • Happiness Officer on Site



At Healthskouts, we tailor our approach to each company’s unique needs. We’d be happy to schedule an initial online consultation to get to know each other. From there, we can design a customized plan, whether it’s online, in person, or even in a virtual world. Our expertise in health technology, VR, and the metaverse will play a significant role in our programs. Curious about how AI can contribute to this? Let’s find out.