Helping you create sharpen execute communicate your digital health strategy

Helping the world’s leading healthcare and biopharma companies with digital health strategy, deep research and inspirational content.  We believe digital delight is the crux to move to a world where we get sick no more.


Get your digital health strategy on the right track, fast.

Uniquely qualified in digital, biology and medicine, we help clients see the digital health landscape with greater clarity, to sharpen strategy and bring delightful products and services to market faster. 

How we work with you

Scouting & Deep Dives

Focused on specific therapeutic, technological or competitive angles, we sketch the landscape and find the opportunities relevant to your business. We also maintain one of the world’s leading databases of certified digital health solutions. 

Innovation & Strategy Workshops

We design and facilitate highly structured creative workshops that help you discover opportunities, align strategy, make decisions and launch projects. 

Inspirational Keynotes & Educational Content

We create and deliver engaging talks, seminars and online content to inspire and educate your audiences and stakeholders.


Working with leaders in health and life sciences

We work with large enterprises in the wider healthcare domain, including nearly all the global pharmaceutical companies, medical device and medtech companies, hospitals, government, insurance. We also work with large technology companies and major food & beverage brands.

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

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What our clients say


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What makes us special

We’re inspiring innovation enablers with a strong creative bent, driven by the belief that healthcare can be frictionless, even delightful, and that major advances in care and outcomes are achievable today if we connect the best digital and biological innovations.  We’ll help you figure out how.


We cut through the noise. We find the insights, technologies and scientific breakthroughs you need to improve patient journeys and deliver value.

Digital + Bio

We understand and speak the languages of digital, biology and clinical medicine. We help you deliver innovations that work for life sciences and providers.

Delight Thinking

Our Delight Thinking method helps you discover - and execute on - opportunities for reducing frictions in healthcare and delighting patients, providers and payers.

720 ° perspective

We use lateral thinking and creative processes to generate strategic insights and surprising non-obvious solutions.


With strong academic and industry backgrounds, we’re well connected in the ecosystem - essential to turn ideas into reality.


Our keynote presentations inspire professional audiences, both large and small, and our creative workshops deliver novel solutions.

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