How to Become a Healthy Couple

For couples with significant job responsibilities.
You can either organize this experience on your own or join our scheduled events (contact us to get the latest schedule):

Keynote: 30 minutes
Romantic Dinner: 2 hours
Unique Activity: 30 minutes

Individuals with significant job responsibilities face additional challenges in incorporating health into their lives and relationships. Feeling good at home can give your career a boost, especially when you’re responsible for others. Learn how you and your partner can support each other in building a fit, warm, loving, and healthy relationship. Discover how health technology can support your lives, explore what’s available in the market, and find what can work for both of you, all while enjoying a cozy and romantic date, a high-level dinner, and a unique experience.


  • Short, inspiring keynote (separate sessions for men and women) providing an overview of health technology and how to integrate it into your daily life as a couple.
  • A romantic, healthy, and delicious dinner with conversation starters about your healthy and less healthy habits and how you can support each other.
  • A unique experience that will make your date unforgettable.