How to become a healthy company

Quick Advice:

If you need hands-on advice regarding your health plan, if you’re doing well but lacking inspiration, or if you need a sparring partner, send us your vision or health plan on employee well-being and health. We’ll carefully review it and advise you toward a sustainable and delightful approach. This can be done online. Of course, we also offer some exciting additions within the experience, evidence-based methodologies, and health technology.
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Sustainable Customised Trajectories:

Inspirational Keynotes

To create support, consider organizing a keynote on why health is important, what it can achieve, the short and long-term benefits, and how enjoyable focusing on health can be. We’ll provide a wealth of concrete, practical apps and tools. You’ll leave the session fully inspired to make that change today. Request a quote:

Workshop Facilitation

If you, as a management team or health champions, want to brainstorm about fun actions that generate effective impact and are looking for a facilitator, motivator, timekeeper, and high-level innovator, you’ve come to the right place at Healthskouts! We don’t do boring workshops. We’ll take you on a journey, unlock your creativity, and ensure you can take out-of-the-box but achievable first steps and long-term impactful actions.
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Organizing Healthy and Delightful Actions and Experiences

Dinner Date: As mentioned earlier, this can be organized for the management team and partners, either on-site or at an event location, ensuring privacy for all couples.

Healthy Teambuilding: If you want your team to explore possibilities in VR, possibly in a custom-made virtual environment tailored to your organization and employees, we can do that. We’ll find a fantastic location and plan your team day. It will be a day of connection, fun, and health education.
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Happiness Officer on Site

If you’re looking for an independent individual who can engage with employees, provide advice on new quick wins or sustainable health actions, consider having a Happiness Officer on your premises. We can tailor this to the frequency that suits your organization and operations.
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