Develop and evangelise digital health strategy in CAR-T therapy

Rethinking the entire patient journey with digital delight

In two projects for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for digital health intervention and bringing delight in CAR-T therapy journeys, both for patients and providers. Applying our research and Delight Thinking methodology to the entire product & patient journey, we showed how we could design the ultimate “Intel Inside” CAR-T experience by leveraging data-driven, personalised patient care, continuous and proactive monitoring, digital therapeutics, at-home care and hybrid, immersive educational experiences.

Storytelling: TED-style presentation for internal pharma audience

In a recent project we also created a super inspirational and highly engaging TED-style video presentation which was used by the client in a lunchtime innovation event for a global internal audience. Healthskouts was available live for a Q&A session following screening of the video. The event was well received and triggered constructive internal discussion about the company’s digital health strategy.

How we can help you

Our mission is to advance your digital health strategies in specific therapeutic areas. With regard to CAR-T, we can present to your team a detailed overview of all the key opportunities for digital intervention in the patient & provider journey. Furthermore, we can work with your team in a creative workshop to identify and prioritise the most promising digital opportunities for your current offering and roadmap (learn more about our workshop approach here). If you already have a reasonably comprehensive digital strategy in place, we could review it and provide constructive suggestions for improvement. Also with regard to execution, we can scout for and explore relevant partnerships. Finally, we can help you communicate your CAR-T strategy to internal and external audiences through inspiring talks and presentations (live or video). Our commitment is to propel your digital health strategy forward. And we can tackle any oncology therapeutic area. Schedule a short call with us today if you’d like to get started.

What is CAR-T?

CAR-T is a novel type of treatment in which a patient’s T immune cells are changed in the laboratory so they will attack cancer cells. T cells are taken from a patient’s blood. Then the gene for a special receptor that binds to a certain protein on the patient’s cancer cells is added to the T cells in the laboratory. The special receptor is called a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). Large numbers of the CAR-T cells are grown in the laboratory and given to the patient by infusion. This comes with a number of supply chain challenges and is a fundamentally different care model for patient and provider.

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