Optimizing outcomes and patient experiences in an inflammatory disease

delight thinking digital health

In this project for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for optimizing treatment outcomes in patients with a chronic immune mediated inflammatory disease. Many patients with this disease have significant unmet needs because treatment response is variable, they are poorly monitored and followed up, and because they have limited access (or are not referred on) to necessary non-pharmacological treatment and support.

Relying on an in-depth review of the scientific literature, interviews with experts and physicians, and scouting of emerging technologies and digital solutions, we identified several actionable opportunities for:

  • improving doctor-patient communication through patient education, symptom assessment and decision aids
  • creating a more objective, instrumented solution for patient monitoring and treatment optimization, that could be used by specialist physicians and their patients
  • improving patient self-management through a digital patient companion that could support patients with treatment adherence, pain management and non-pharmacological treatment options (including psychological coaching)
  • collecting and integrating data from multiple sources to better predict disease progression, treatment response and generate useful insights for clinical decision making and patient self-management

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