Sharpen the positioning and communication strategy of a pharma’s Digital Health unit

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This Digital Health division of a global biopharma company wanted to better define its identity and value propositions, and how it communicates such, both within the global organisation and towards key external stakeholders: patients, providers and payers.

To inspire a compelling mission and vision, Healthskouts first prepared an inspiring talk for the entire digital health team, covering the path to proactive, personalized, and value-based healthcare, and how novel technologies and science can impact the client’s major therapeutic focus areas. We also explored various roles that pharma companies can play in driving forward that future.

After the inspiration session we facilitated a full-day workshop with the digital health team where together we brainstormed and then aligned around a set of key identity themes and how we could most effectively communicate those themes to target audiences. The participants also explored the key obstacles and committed to concrete action steps to address those obstacles. By the end of the workshop, the group had distilled the day’s creative work into 4 ambitious but feasible project proposals.

More about our Workshop Approach:

Our workshops are designed to deliver unique, innovative & actionable solutions to any health challenge. Solutions that are grounded in your team’s knowledge and working reality, but that also tap into the most cutting edge technology and innovation out there. As health innovators, we have thought hard in recent years about how we can combine ultra-inspirational content with the best creative thinking techniques. The result is our Delight Thinking workshop method, where in just one day, we bring your team from a white page to a set of highly ambitious but actionable solutions.

It starts with the participants: we involve 6 to 20 of your colleagues and stakeholders – people who have relevant expertise and the remit to take ideas further beyond the workshop.

The workshop itself is split into two parts. First, Koen Kas delivers an energising presentation focused squarely on the workshop topic: think innovative cases, best practices, trends, technological evolutions and digital solutions. A super inspirational outline of what is possible, today and tomorrow. We also tap into our world-leading library of digital solutions and best practices.

In the second part of the workshop, we facilitate a highly structured group process to tap into the collective knowledge and creative potential of all the participants. The workshop’s “Delight Thinking” methodology is based on scientifically validated creative thinking methods. In this way, we conclude the workshop with a number of very concrete action points. Equally important is the strong commitment and ‘sense of ownership’ that is created through the workshop dynamics. This ensures that the workshop results do not gather dust, but become the launchpad for new initiatives that you can start working on immediately after the workshop.

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