How to leapfrog healthcare to 2071


How far can we look ahead and create a (healthcare) vision in a European country? In a democracy where governments last 4 to 6 years. Making and executing upon a long term vision kind of impossible. 
Also, when a government spends Eur 70 million to build a new small hospital campus, it often feels like ‘money for stones which have to last 30 years’. Is that money spent wisely, in a future-proof manner? I miss that discussion somehow.

In preparing a new keynote, I spent quite some time recently learning how countries like the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi,..) or Saudi-Arabia look to their future. More on the latter one soon. And yes, I acknowledge that no governmental system is perfect. But bear with me for some of the learnings. Which are very simple.These countries leapfrog. They won’t stop in 2051. They look to 2071.

The vision is clear. A future based on quality of life. Not just for locals. Healthcare no longer a cost centre. It’s a major economic growth engine to compete globally. The best economy should have the best healthcare system. Of course the best foreign doctors provide remote health here as well.
Is implementation easier there? Not necessarily. But the mindset is. Fast prototype, leapfrog & deploy. Hence don’t copy, but start where others stop. I like that big time. That makes things aspirational. Like aiming to get sick no more.

The focus at the Dubai healthcare forum which I had the honour to attend last month was ‘Healthcare 2071’. Not less.
Of course they want to become the healthiest city in the world. The digital health leader. Diagnose disease with genomics from the cradle on. Not tomorrow but now. A major topic for instance is obesity. 80% of children obese at five, remain obese. They tackle that now.
But they also want to become the healthcare supply chain centre of the world. BTW, one of the most amazing pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai was showing the future of Dubai Port. I believed that supply chain statement.

2071. No discussion on details. But on
– how to start regulate drugs tested on digitaltwins, not on real humans
– how to anticipate the BIOconvergence of different industries
– how to anticipate that a next generation Homo sapiens will merge with machine (augmentation)

2071. In one of my novel, ambitious keynotes, I take you there on a ride. You’ll find the link here.

Meanwhile, please let me know if you have ideas or comments on this topic. I would love to hear from you.

BTW, what you see is Movement mental health therapy in the Al Waha spa of the novel, amazing Museum Of The Future. Al Waha, The Oasis, is a place for humans to revive their senses and disconnect from technology. Fluid, generative visuals and a multi-channel soundscape create the feeling of walking through a mystical body of water. Also that is the future.

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