Citizen-centric data platform will put Flanders on the map as digital health frontrunner


To me, the health event of 2022 will be the launch of a citizen-centric data platform “We Are”.
Soon, we will see the official launch of “We Are” in Flanders, Belgium, which is a citizen-centric data platform that will give citizens the ownership and control over which personal (health) data he or she wants to share with whom.

The platform is build by VITO, on the basis of SOLID, which is the new iteration of the web and is basically readdressing how we deal with data. Data will no longer be brought to other companies and stored there, but will rather be provided in personal online data stores that are spread around in a decentralized fashion.

Apps that plug into citizen centric data utilities such as ‘We Are’ can tap into the user’s personal data to power personalised services, while contributing more data to the user’s personal data store, which he or she in turn can share with researchers and other services.

‘We Are’ is a groundbreaking opportunity for Belgium, to be seen as a true digital health frontrunner to other countries, that will look at us and at the way we took the issue of data and privacy into a completely new way. As such, we can start a new foundation on how we are going to change sick care in healthcare in the future.

Watch here how I explain more about how the application works and how it could be used in your advantage to the team of the amazing healthtech experience center Health House, in Leuven, Belgium.

Let us know if you have any questions about this initiative or if you wish to explore a potential use case! We’re happy to help.

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