How’s life with your digital twin in the metaverse

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Our physical world is already vastly extended in the digital realm thanks to our smartphones, but in the coming years the interplay of novel devices, sensors and especially AR and VR will open up new, as of yet unimagined horizons. Virtual reality pharmacies staffed with “virtualists” helping patients find targeted doses of VR-based experiences? Virtual wellness and nutrition coaching?  A COVID-19 vaccination event inside Fortnite? Treating ADHD with a computer game? Ultra-personalised health services in a meta-mall? In this workshop we explore and co-create your health services in tomorrow’s metaverse.

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Koen and his team deliver ‘360° outsider perspective’ workshops, using our own developed ‘Delight thinking‘ methodology.  Independent of your domain, these deliver immediate actionable ideas and insights to prep you for a delightful future.


Series 2022/23

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Healthskouts CEO, Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist, professor of molecular oncology & digital health, author, and a renowned international keynote speaker. He is revolutionising healthcare by helping leaders prepare their organisations for future realities. He is pioneering the novel concept of Delight Thinking, combining Real World data with design & business model innovations into novel experiences redefining Health. Ultimately creating a world where one gets sick no more.

Frank Boermeester, MA Psych., MBA, is a multidisciplinary analyst and innovation expert on a mission to bring delight in healthcare. Frank combines advanced skills in research, human centred design and innovation processes. Frank drives our advisory work for customers, with a focus on developing analytical content and creative concepts, and the design and facilitation of Delight Workshops.

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