Upcoming Keynotes

31 May 2022

The future of the pharmacy – Ophaco Plenary meeting – Brussels, Belgium

1 June 2022

Towards 24/7 ultra-personal delightful care – Janssen EMEA event – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2 June 2022

Delight thinking to create future healthcare – Eerstelijnszone Noord-Limburg, Algemene Vergadering – Kaulille, Belgium

6 June 2022

How to create extreme patient delight – Boston, USA

15 June 2022

Creating Healthier Societies: How Far Can We Go to Encourage Mass Behavioral Change? – HIMSS 2022 – Helsinki, Finland

23 June 2022

The future of cardiovascular care – Edwards Life Sciences – Belgium

24 June 2022

The future of healthcare – PWC Health Industry Day – Knokke, Belgium

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Koen’s keynotes have the most impact when they are between 45-80 minutes, but Koen can deliver a compact version upon request. He always tailors his presentation to your specific needs. The keynote can be delivered in English or in Dutch.

Koen and his team also deliver ‘360° outsider perspective’ workshops, using our own developed ‘Delight thinking‘ methodology.  Independent of your domain, these deliver immediate actionable ideas and insights to prep you for a delightful future.

Proud to work with leaders in health and life sciences

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We are also involved as advisors and board members in the Digital Twin Consortium, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Health House and the Galenus Prize

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