Your Guide to Delight

delight thinking in healthcare sick no more

Please never write a vacancy for Chief Digital Officer. Or for VP or disruption. One function you need however. Distributed throughout your team. A Chief Delight officer. Incorporated into the DNA of each employee. Delight is the experience that comes closest to magic, something for which you can’t prepare. Delight Thinking is the ability to […]

Hack Epilepsy

hack epilepsy pharma hackathon

Global Biopharma UCB mandated us to organise ‘Hack Epilepsy’ – where we translated needs from epilepsy patients & caregivers into 18 solutions, 4 of which turned into start-ups or internal solutions to UCB. Our innovative initiative subsequently won an award at the Eye For Pharma Barcelona Awards 2016. As a follow-up, Healthskouts became UCB’s external […]

Infuse delight

infuse delight patient experience

We helped Janssen pharma rethink the entire Infuse Experience and turn it into a delightful journey for patients, their relatives and health professionals (haematologists, primary physicians and nurses). With our uniquely designed inspiration material and Delight thinking toolset – co-developed with our partner Pieter Sprangers at Domo de Refontiro – we unlocked unknown frictions, all amenable for […]

Patient Delight

Patient Delight movement manifesto

Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson company, has launched a Patient Delight movement manifesto based on Koen Kas’ keynotes and book ‘Your guide to delight’. It accompanies their move from selling medication, to selling real patient services and experiences ….not just beyond the pill.