Welcoming pharma & life-sciences to the metaverse Mall


This week everybody has seen that post on The Mall. 

MetaVRse has been working on TheMall for seven years. Launch expected in the fourth quarter of 2022. It will be accessible on the web with no need for a download or an app or a special hardware platform. Alan Smithson , the company’s CEO, hopes to work with brands to create celebrity experiences that are always changing. MetaVRse plans to use AI algorithms to deliver better personalization for shoppers. If you’re interested in cars, you can go to the floor with cars on it. It will give recommendations based on loyalty programs where shoppers can opt-in (GDPR compliant). See the interview by Venturebeat here.

But I haven’t seen Pharma and Life-sciences companies mentioned there. Or any interest group for that matter.

Hence could we envision a company like Virtual Science AI here. They organise virtual patient advisory boards. You go shopping and get paid for advise you give on the second floor. 

Or Labster, the fantastic e-learning company which shows me how to work in a lab. How exciting it is to perform drug discovery.

Or Virgils, my mental health, wellness place in the metaverse.

Anyway, 26 ideas came up in our mind when seeing The mall. I would love to learn about yours as well

And if you want to explore the art of the possible today, how you would fit in the metaverse, you can book us here.

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