Innovations in Prostate Cancer

raising the bar in prostate cancer

By reviewing recent innovations in prostate cancer I hope to throw some light on what optimal prostate cancer care could and should like. Relevant for professionals, but also patients and their loved ones, so that you can raise your expectations and hopefully play your part in accelerating progress in the field.

6 ways blockchain principles can lead to true precision medicine (Part 1/2)

blockchain precision medicine

The road towards precision medicine is an extremely complex and lengthy process. Patients would benefit from the pure personalised character of the drug. Apart from that obvious aspect, drugs could also be brought on the market sooner, and also much cheaper. We took a look at how blockchain related technologies could help speed up this […]

5 novel white glove (butler) services making chemotherapy easier to bear

butler oncology cancer delight service patient journey

I do believe your drug treats my disease. But I need more. Correction, I would be delighted to receive more from you. Without me having to ask. Things you know I need, because patients are really top of mind. Hence you can anticipate their needs. To delight. To enchant. Therefore, we will introduce new ways […]

4 delightful ways early oncology screening can be organised in a frictionless way

cancer screening delight frictionless

There is no business model for prevention. Or is there? If we turn prevention into an aspirational long term goal, why should you bother today? Today, you make money from treating sick patients. Well, imagine you could generate a vaccine for every chronic disease. Not Corona or Dengue. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Failure. Stroke. Would you […]