Digital innovation for people with visual impairment

For a global pharma company, Healthskouts recently conducted a deep dive scouting exercise investigating digital innovations for blind and visually impaired people. This was a fascinating and deeply uplifting project because it rapidly became clear that we are in the middle of a technological revolution in this field. This is largely due to advances in […]

Strategic & business development: citizen-centric health data platform

Over the course of 2023 Healthskouts had the privilege of supporting Flemish strategic research institute, VITO, in the strategic development of their citizen-centric health data platform called We Are. The We Are platform is designed to give citizens control over their personal health data. It will enable them to collect personal data from multiple sources […]

Platform strategies in life sciences and medtech

For a global pharma company we investigated how companies in the wider biopharmaceutical, medtech and healthcare industries are trying to build platform business models on existing or new products and services.Healthskouts scouted for cases that best illustrate the three platform strategies as elucidated by Andrei Hagiu:– Open the door to 3rd parties– Connect existing customers […]

Deep dive research project on radiology AI

For a global biopharma company, Healthskouts conducted a research project on diagnostic radiology, with specific focus on the trial readiness of radiology innovations in the areas of artificial intelligence, portable radiology and teleradiology. Healthskouts provided a comprehensive description and analysis of current innovations & innovators in diagnostic radiology, covering:CTUltrasoundMRI/MRAX-rayPETFluoroscopy with a specific focus on AI […]

Develop and evangelise digital health strategy in CAR-T therapy

Rethinking the entire patient journey with digital delight In two projects for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for digital health intervention and bringing delight in CAR-T therapy journeys, both for patients and providers. Applying our research and Delight Thinking methodology to the entire product & patient journey, we showed how we could design […]

Sharpen the positioning and communication strategy of a pharma’s Digital Health unit

tech and vendor Scouting, ideation & inspiration, research and strategic projects

This Digital Health division of a global biopharma company wanted to better define its identity and value propositions, and how it communicates such, both within the global organisation and towards key external stakeholders: patients, providers and payers. To inspire a compelling mission and vision, Healthskouts first prepared an inspiring talk for the entire digital health […]

Create inspirational content on the future of lung cancer care, to engage internal pharma audiences

cancer oncology

For a global biopharmaceutical company Healthskouts explored opportunities for digital health intervention in lung cancer and how our client could create a vastly superior competitive offering through digitally-enabled patient delight. Working closely with the client’s marketing, digital and lung cancer teams we created a super-inspiring TED-style video presentation. The video was presented in a lunch […]

Analysing a nation’s Smart Health Value Chain: Expert report for the Flemish government

The Flemish government asked Healthskouts to prepare an advisory expert report to evaluate opportunities for IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) funding in the ‘Smart Health’ sector in Flanders. The report can be read and downloaded here. We interviewed more than 20 healthcare and healthtech leaders in the country and subsequently wrote chapters on: […]

Optimizing outcomes and patient experiences in an inflammatory disease

delight thinking digital health

In this project for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for optimizing treatment outcomes in patients with a chronic immune mediated inflammatory disease. Many patients with this disease have significant unmet needs because treatment response is variable, they are poorly monitored and followed up, and because they have limited access (or are not referred […]

Solving the diagnostic delay of an immune mediated inflammatory disease (IMID)

tech and vendor Scouting, ideation & inspiration, research and strategic projects

For a global pharma company, Healthskouts conducted in-depth research to better understand and find opportunities for solving the diagnostic delay pertaining to an immune mediated inflammatory disease (IMID). A significant proportion of patients with this condition have to wait several years, with dibilitating symptoms, before they are accurately diagnosed and effectively treated. Our client asked […]

Danone exhibit

Scientific microbiome probiotics research using mixed reality technologies

Danone has entrusted us to turn their scientific microbiome & probiotics research into an exhibit in Paris showing compelling stories using mixed reality technologies (VR, AR, holograms). The resulting brand is called FLUX.


Patient engagement companion App. Drug response patient experience

AI-driven pharmacy patient companion App We built a patient engagement companion App to follow-up drug response and experience in the real world / in the patient setting.

A deep dive into technology to help identify … <your task here>

For a top 10 pharma company we have delivered a comprehensive Deep dive into the maturity of digital biomarkers, remote monitoring and smart medication / adherence tools. The company currently investigates how to dynamically deploy this company- and even pharma ecosystem-wide. For another company we did a similar analysis, but focused on very early stage […]