Delighting Patients in Day Surgery

Day Surgery is rapidly becoming the default pathway for elective surgery, but in the pursuit of hyper efficiency it is crucial that hospitals keep the patient journey central to the structuring of their operations.

5 novel white glove (butler) services making chemotherapy easier to bear

I do believe your drug treats my disease. But I need more. Correction, I would be delighted to receive more from you. Without me having to ask. Things you know I need, because patients are really top of mind. Hence you can anticipate their needs. To delight. To enchant. Therefore, we will introduce new ways […]

4 delightful ways early oncology screening can be organised in a frictionless way

There is no business model for prevention. Or is there? If we turn prevention into an aspirational long term goal, why should you bother today? Today, you make money from treating sick patients. Well, imagine you could generate a vaccine for every chronic disease. Not Corona or Dengue. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Failure. Stroke. Would you […]

Your Guide to Delight

Please never write a vacancy for Chief Digital Officer. Or for VP or disruption. One function you need however. Distributed throughout your team. A Chief Delight officer. Incorporated into the DNA of each employee. Delight is the experience that comes closest to magic, something for which you can’t prepare. Delight Thinking is the ability to […]

Why we believe in a world where we will be sick no more

While it’s been said that the 2020/21 Corona pandemic has propelled us 5 years forward in the adoption of digital in 8 weeks, or “decade in a few weeks”, real transformation will not come from the mere introduction of new (digital) technologies. It will come from tech-enabled human empathy and creativity transforming the current model […]