On AI, Virtual Care, Digital Twins, and the Metaverse in Healthcare and Pharma

The future of healthcare in 90 minutes Thank you to the fantastic team at Andersen Lab for providing me over 1.5 hours to discuss how AI, Virtual Care by digital health tools, Digital Twins, and the Metaverse will all blend and transform the definitions of both Healthcare and Pharma. It’s definitely the best of times to be alive and trying […]

Develop and evangelise digital health strategy in CAR-T therapy

Rethinking the entire patient journey with digital delight In two projects for a global pharma company, Healthskouts explored opportunities for digital health intervention and bringing delight in CAR-T therapy journeys, both for patients and providers. Applying our research and Delight Thinking methodology to the entire product & patient journey, we showed how we could design […]

What my sleep genes & Alzheimer risk teaches me about the state of genomics

Today is DNA day. Actually everyday should be DNA day. Slower than anticipated – and for good reason – the actual genome revolution, part of the biology revolution is about to start only now. I recall a TEDx talk I gave on the topic. 10 years ago. You’ll find the link here. It’s still contemporary. […]

Welcoming pharma & life-sciences to the metaverse Mall

This week everybody has seen that post on The Mall.  MetaVRse has been working on TheMall for seven years. Launch expected in the fourth quarter of 2022. It will be accessible on the web with no need for a download or an app or a special hardware platform. Alan Smithson , the company’s CEO, hopes to […]

How to leapfrog healthcare to 2071

How far can we look ahead and create a (healthcare) vision in a European country? In a democracy where governments last 4 to 6 years. Making and executing upon a long term vision kind of impossible. Also, when a government spends Eur 70 million to build a new small hospital campus, it often feels like ‘money […]

The tipping point for digital twins in healthcare

The tipping point for digital twins in healthcare Last month I presented for a wide audience of healthcare experts on the state of Digital therapeutics and explained how these different solutions (aka data silos) could be leveraged together in my personal digital twin. Afterwards, the innovation architect of one of the leading Belgian payers (sickness […]

On REAL real world data and the digital tools required to capture them

Real World Data & Digital Biomarkers In the summer of 2012 I experienced my first workation. In Piemonte, the north of Italy, in a city called Alba. World famous for its Barolo wines, the Nutella factory, and for pigs harvesting white truffles. Well, for the experience of savouring the freshest white truffles, still an experience […]

Accelerating drug discovery from bed to benchside

shorten drug discovery delight biotech pharma

Silicon Valley giant NVIDIA is teaming up with pharma company AstraZeneca and the University of Florida on new artificial intelligence research projects aimed at boosting drug discovery and patient care. April 21, NVIDIA and AstraZeneca revealed a new drug-discovery model called MegaMoIBART, which is aimed at “reaction prediction, molecular optimization and de novo molecular generation.” […]

A new breed of hospital – pharma collaborations, now and into the future

hospital pharma collaborations digital health

Hospitals and pharma companies have traditionally looked at themselves as transactional partners, but that relationship is changing dramatically. Hospitals have improved their leverage as partners, realizing the value locked within patient data. However, during the Corona pandemic they experienced that when patients no longer can ‘reach’ the hospital – that value needs to be captured […]

5 novel white glove (butler) services making chemotherapy easier to bear

butler oncology cancer delight service patient journey

I do believe your drug treats my disease. But I need more. Correction, I would be delighted to receive more from you. Without me having to ask. Things you know I need, because patients are really top of mind. Hence you can anticipate their needs. To delight. To enchant. Therefore, we will introduce new ways […]

4 delightful ways early oncology screening can be organised in a frictionless way

cancer screening delight frictionless

There is no business model for prevention. Or is there? If we turn prevention into an aspirational long term goal, why should you bother today? Today, you make money from treating sick patients. Well, imagine you could generate a vaccine for every chronic disease. Not Corona or Dengue. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Failure. Stroke. Would you […]

Danone exhibit

Scientific microbiome probiotics research using mixed reality technologies

Danone has entrusted us to turn their scientific microbiome & probiotics research into an exhibit in Paris showing compelling stories using mixed reality technologies (VR, AR, holograms). The resulting brand is called FLUX.